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Here is the candidate information from Tom Carroll our Election Chairperson.

Hey all you Mem-Bears!

Mama Bear is here to announce this year’s election. The offices of Vice-President (John King), Secretary/Membership (Scott Bellows), Treasurer (Andy Wasserman), and Bear-at-Large (Rob Regur) are uncontested and will automatically be elected by acclamation at the December 3rd General Meeting. The office of President has 2 nominees, John Book (current President) and Paul Bron (former President). Here are their Campaign Statements. Please read them carefully.

Hello Bears
My name is John Book and I am the current President of the Sacramento Valley Bears.
I am running for a second term. Last year we did not have an election, because we did not have any candidates. Just before the close of the General meeting in November, which is the deadline for nominations. there was talk of dissolving the club. I did not want that to happen, so I stepped up for President and asked the 2013 board to stay on. So, at the last moment the board was formed. I ran for President, David Abler ran for Vice President. Secretary was Paul Brown, Treasurer was Glenn Johnson, and Bear at Large Rob Williams.
We hoped to help the Club rebound from a general lack of interest, do activities that everyone wanted to do and hold meet ups that members and non-members could enjoy.
We had some unexpected bumps on the road. Our secretary suddenly resigned in the middle of his term leaving the club without an officer. The position was not able to be filled for several months, which caused our membership data to get confused. In June we had a couple of pool parties that were canceled. We also had a couple of activities planned, which were never realized due to the committee chair being unable to complete his job.
My goal for the 2015 term, which is our 22nd year, is to help a fresh board develop plans and continue to grow the membership. We need to get more members involved in creating awesome events and finding new activates so everyone can enjoy. We need to be realistic about what the members do and do not want to do. We need to communicate better, hold ourselves as a board more responsible, and be reliable.
It’s about coming together creating a community that everyone feels welcomed and listened to. I believe I am the man to help lead our club in that direction. With your support and commitment to be active members, I know we can do this.
My opponent has served as President, and was the secretary who suddenly resigned in midterm. When he served as President, the Board had difficulty working with him, and the Vice-President actually resigned due to conflict. I feel with that history, I am a better choice. I hope you agree and cast your vote for me.
Thank you
John Book

I’m Paul Brown and I would like your vote for President of the Sacramento
Valley Bears.

I first joined the club in 1995 as an unsure cub and was taken under the wings
of so many great guys. The SVB has meant so much to me over the years
helping me grow and develop as a person, make new friends, have some great adventures and raise money for important local charities. I served as Membership Director from 1996-1997.

When work relocated me to San Francisco in 1997, I remained a member of
the SVB. Although in 1999 I let my membership lapse, I still felt like a
member of the Sacramento Valley Bears and kept in touch while maintaining
my ties to this wonderful organization. After I moved back to Sacramento to care for my father in 2010, I rejoined the club and then later appointed Bear-at-Large for the second half of 2011,
during which time we brought back our FULL MOON contest and JOCKSTRAP contest fundraisers.
I was grateful to you all for your support in 2012 when I became your President during the 20th Anniversary year! We accomplished a lot that year,
• from a nearly 50% increase in membership
• to new events: Victorian Christmas, Apple Hill, Pumpkin Patch,
• EXPLORE SACRAMENTO BEARS’ NIGHT OUT SERIES where we didn’t repeat a restaurant from our entire 20 year history,
• Mustard Seed School TOY DRIVE,
• organized our new AMAZING LOGO contest,
• modernized our website, including online membership and renewal tools,
• and more!
Even Bear County Fair, which got rained out, only lost approximately $600.

The year was a tremendous learning experience for me, too. I made some mistakes, but I learned from them, and the biggest take-away I learned was that I don’t have all the answers, bnt when we all act as a team, we can make magic together.

2014 has been a year of loss for me, as my father passed away in March, which caused me to resign from the post of Secretary, but that loss has helped me to see even more clearly the beauty in service to others. I am also so grateful to you all for your support during those difficult months of mourning – the support I received from the Sacramento Valley Bears was such a huge help to me deal with my dad’s loss. THANK YOU.

That’s my pledge to you – that if you elect me President, you’ll get someone with tremendous energy and passion for the organization, someone who can attract new members, help develop some great events old and new, do FUNdraising, but someone is also completely open to working with the entire board and membership to ensure that 2015 continues our trajectory of onward and upward! This is our club – let’s have some fun!
Please Vote Paul Brown for President of the Sacramento Valley Bears.

You may vote by clicking on the link at the bottom of this posting.

PAID members ONLY may vote. If you are not sure or are not a member, please DON’T vote!

Deadline for voting on this link will be 5:00 PM on December 3rd. You may also vote at the General Meeting, 7:00 PM on December 3rd in person only.


October 18th – Game/Movie Night@ Sean & Bills

Game/Movie Night@ Sean & Bills
Sat, October 18, 7pm – 10pm
Zinfandel Village Apts. 3500 Data Drive, Apt 12, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 (map)
Join the Sacramento Valley Bears for our monthly game and movie night! Lots of fun, and craziness. Bring a homemade appetizer, or dessert to share. See you there! Don’t forget to bring your favorite game.

Bearrunch – 27 April 2014 – Lumberjack’s Restaurant


We are returning to one of our favorite brunch spots!

Where: Lumberjack’s Restaurant, 1030 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA
When: 27 April 2014 at 10:30am – please be prompt to be seated together!

After brunch, some members will be going to the Sacramento Valley Highland Games in Woodland, which has a $15.00 admission fee.  Some other members have mentioned going to the Stockton Asparagus Festival.  So there will be plenty to do this Sunday!

Pancake Breakfast Planning Meeting – April 21 at 7pm

Pancake Breakfast Planning Meeting!You asked for it, so now help us throw this shin-dig together! Last year during a club membership meeting, we brainstormed on fund-raising ideas, and pancake breakfast was the number one idea we came up with!

This initial meeting will be to pick the date, determine our fund-raising goal, how many people we need to feed to meet that goal, how much to charge, and come up with a budget.

This is going to be a really fun event! You know you want to help out!

Carpooling is available if you need transport to make this important meeting.

WHAT: Pancake Breakfast Planning Meeting
WHEN: 21 April 2014 – 7-8pmWHERE: Home of Dave and Rob, 1415 San Clement Way, Sacramento, CA
CONTACT: David Abler @ vicepresident@sacbears.org for info

President’s Report

Its April already the first quarter is over and we are starting on the second one.  I hope everyone is having a good year so far.   So far it has been amazing on how many people who have been coming out to our events let’s keep it up.

Remember this is our club; we need your help to make it a successful. If there is anything that you would like the club get involve in please speak up.

We have been working with the LGTB community center hoping to use their space it’s a great location. But our timing is not working on our behalf , so we are now looking for an alternative location , but for the month of April  we will holding the general meeting at Round Table Pizza over by Dave and Rob home please check the  Bears calendar for address.

We are looking for Bears to host game night, and Pool parties So if you are interested please let someone on the board know. If you host one of these the board will pick up your meal at the next brunch. I know its hard work but it’s worth it

Bear-at-large Report

Hey there Bears,

Spring is here and I know we need the rain, but I am loving this weather! Yet another year as Bear-At Large and we have had some great event turnouts. Thank you to all that have attended the Bear Busts, Game/Movie nights, Bears Night Outs and Bear Brunches so far. If you are having fun with the Bears, we encourage you to talk to others to have them join in the fun as well. As always I keep an open ear out, for suggestions, critiques, and general commentary’s that you feel should be voiced to the board. Please do not hesitate to vent as well. This is how as a board, we can improve things that you as members think need changing or fine tuning, to make a more enjoyable experience for all. Also, if you hear of any members, that lose loved ones, or fall ill, please contact me or any board member, so we can reach out to them, let them know we support them, and they are in our thoughts. Feel free to talk to me whenever you see me or e-mail me at bear-at-large@sacbears.org. We have lots of fun upcoming events, and look forward to seeing you all there.


Rob Williams (Bear-at-Large)

Treasurer’s Report – April 2014

Greetings Bears!

Our current bank balance is $5,973.57 and we have $150.83 in our Paypal account. It has been a healthy first quarter and we have seen the club grow stronger. We currently have no major expenditures on the horizon other than our insurance payment that will be coming up in May.

The March beer bust brought in $449 and was a huge success. We actually sold out of gummy bear shots.

We had a good turnout at bears night out and at Game Night.

Look forward to seeing you all at future events!

Your treasurer,

Pastel Party – 5 April 2014 – The Bolt Bar – 8pm to Midnight

Pastel Party 5 Paril 2014
Spring is Busting Out All Over, so join the Sacramento Valley Bears for our monthly beer bust – this month’s theme is PASTEL PARTY!

Wear your best pastel colors and get a free Gummi Shot with your beer bust purchase!

What: Pastel Party
Where: The Bolt, 2560 Boxwood Street, Sacramento
When: 5 April 2014, 8pm to Midnight
How Much: $9 beer and soda bust, $12 Premium Bust, $2 Gummi Shots


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